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Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Winter weather has hit Seattle! We have managed to get out a few times but have mostly laid around the apartment. There has been plenty of snow and ice. Seattleites are big wimps when it comes to winter weather. No one knows how to drive in it. It does not help that most of the neighborhoods in Seattle are hills – Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill, Queen Anne Hill, Crown Hill, First Hill (aka Pill Hill for all the hospitals there), etc. Queen Anne Hill is incredibly steep with old maze-like mostly dead end streets obviously laid out before cars. It is one of the richest neighborhoods in the city which means that the streets are lined with very expensive luxury cars.

Why Queen Anne has rich people living there

View from Queen Anne during nice weather

Julius was up there today and reported that all the streets still open (the few that are big enough for melting/sanding) were now lined with dented and scratched luxury cars. Moral? Don’t drive on Queen Anne right now. It can be expensive if they catch you.

On Wednesday schools were closed because there might be snow (there wasn’t). After that embarrassment we were redeemed when snow arrived on Thursday. It was bad. The incident that got the local news really hysterical was today when two buses that went down a steep, icy street on Capitol Hill and came thisclose to flying through a barrier and flying who knows how many feet to the freeway below. This better put us on national news. If Spokane can be mentioned on Morning Edition for breaking some 120 year old snow record, we should be featured for this.

This could have been baaaaaad

This could have been baaaaaad

Forecast for Sunday – snow followed by freezing rain and 70 mph winds. Stay tuned.  I just hope we keep power.