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MP3 of Diane Rehm interview with Mr Rogers

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

I have been on a Mr Rogers kick as of late. Now that I have a preschooler I am back to watching his show. PBS digital studios released a delightful autotune remix. I haveĀ  been checking out his books from the library. All are heartwarming and affirming. I love Mr Rogers. All this reminded me of an interview that I heard in 2009 of Diane Rehm. She was being interviewed about her 30 years on radio. She was asked about her most memorable interviews and she mentioned the interview she did with Mr Rogers the year before he died. During the interview she asked him what he did when he felt sad and he said that he played the piano. He mentioned that he has been playing the piano more lately and she asked why. He said he had a stomachache. She said she was too afraid to ask anymore questions about this. He was dead of stomach cancer(a disease only a few people knew he had) three months later.

I went to find this interview with Mr Rogers and found it on the Diane Rehm Show website on NPR. Unfortunately, unlike recent shows that are all podcasted in mp3 format, old shows can only be streamed on Real Audio (remember that?). I downloaded the software but the sound was poor. There wasn’t an option for buying a CD. I wanted to be able to take the show with me and save it. With the help of multiple editing programs I managed to convert and save the interview as an MP3. The interview is a delight. Rehm is practically giddy and people calling in tell the most heartwarming stories about how Mr Rogers changed the lives of them and their children. I wanted to post this interview so that others can hear it in a good format and take it along with them. We can’t forget the man Mr Rogers was and how he loved us just the way we are.

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