Trying to Publish a Podcast

Written by The Tembas on November 14th, 2013

A few months ago I started posting audio files on our blog to help get out the homilies of our Uncle Father Phil, my Dad’s brother who is a Catholic priest at St Mary of the Valley in Monroe, WA. He has been posting the mp3′s of his homilies on his website, but downloading and listening to MP3′s on a computer is kind of a hassle. We Blooms do not like hassles.  As you can see from my previous post I am obsessed obsessed with podcasts. I have even started listening to some podcasted sermons like Word on Fire with Father Barron and UMD Newman Center sermons with Father Mike. Search for them in the itunes store, they are good. Anyway, I told my uncle that all the cool kids are podcasting their sermons these days. As you can guess, his response was “Sara, can you figure out how to podcast my sermons for me?”. What is a niece to do? So, since I had never put together a podcast feed I got to work on researching it. I finally think I got something working. I started hosting it on our site, but in February I transferred it to its own site and hope to eventually attach the podcast feed to his blog (allowing for a Spanish and English feed).

Obviously these podcasts are not yet available in the itunes store because I just created them. However, it is easy to subscribe to a podcast that is not yet in the itunes store. I have some screenshots below on how to do this. Remember, Father Phil’s feed page is






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