My Favorite Flickr Feed – Obamas at the UN

Written by The Tembas on December 30th, 2009

One of my favorite websites of the Obama administration is the Flickr feeds where they publish all the official photos. My favorite remains the Department of State photo stream taken at the UN General Assembly. The Obamas posed for a photo with every interested world leader or government representative who attended the assembly. I learned a few things from this photostream.

1. The Obamas are incredibly photogenic. How can a couple hold a smile for so many hours? This is the first photo of the night

President and First Lady of Senegal with the Obamas

And this is 135 photos later

Minister of Foreign Relations for Nicaragua with the Obamas

2. The Obamas are tall. In fact, they are taller than almost all of the world leaders. I like this. This height difference with the president of Vietnam is not unusual.

Obamas with the president of Vietnam

This guy is the Prime Minister of Montenegro and is one of only a handful of leaders taller than the Obamas. Plus, his wife is hot! Great dress and shoes.

Prime Minister of Montenegro and his wife with the Obamas

3. Most of the first ladies and wives of ministers are very attractive. Most are wearing great outfits. I love when they dress up as they would in their own country. West Africans do the best job pulling this off. This is because they have some of the best fabric in the world. Liberia’s foreign minister looks great

Liberian Foreign Affairs officer with the Obamas

My favorite is the First Lady of Burkina Faso. I want her dress!

President and First Lady of Burkina Faso

This First Lady from the Comoros definitely had a bold look with her dress, as does her husband with his outfit. I love it!

President and First Lady of Comoros

3. It is fun to try and guess what country each leader comes from before looking at the caption. To see the names and countries of the leaders while watching the slideshow (and you should view it in the slideshow, it is mesmerizing) click on “Show Info”. It will list the position of the person and the country they come from.

Minister of Foreign Affairs for Indonesia

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia and his wife with the Obama

President and First Lady from Tuvalu

Obamas with first couple of Tuvalu

Some other photos that caught my attention

The president of Finland was placed next to Barack which tells me that the order in the photo is not by gender but by status

President and First Husband of Finland

This one creeped me out but then I read that it was the Foreign Prime Minister of Laos and his daughter. Phew.

Prime Minister of Thailand and his Daughter with the Obamas

This is the only one with a third person and it turns out it is the interpreter for the President of Kosovo. That is sweet for them to have her stand in and get a photo with the Obamas.

I love how in this one the Foreign Affairs Minister’s wife is holding Michelle Obama’s hand. Also very touching.

Foreign Minister of Malaysia and his wife with Obama

Two photos got the most comments in the photostream. This one is the president of Cameroon Paul Biya. A lot of comments were left by Cameroonians criticizing him and criticizing Obama for posing with him. The rest of the comments were left by Americans asking what is up with his wife Chantal Biya. Upon further investigation I learned that she is 38 years(!) his junior and he is, in fact, very corrupt. To stay in power in Africa from 1982 takes a bit of election rigging. Perhaps he deserves such a ridiculous looking wife.

President and First Lady of Cameroon with the Obamas

The photo that got the most press in the whole feed (and was taken down soon after it was posted) was the photo of the family of Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. He had his daughters photographed with him and his wife and the goth-style outfits they wore created quite a stir on the blogosphere.

Finally, the president of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete was also in attendance, minus his wife. It would have been fun to see her.

Tanzanian President Kikwete with the Obamas


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