You Tube Makes the World Seem Smaller

Written by The Tembas on December 6th, 2007

Like the rest of attention-hungry world we enjoy posting our videos on You Tube then waiting to see who watches them. The first thing that surprised me with You Tube is how many people post the same videos of the same things. Some of our videos I assumed would be really original ("Wait until they see this video of traffic in Vietnam!"). Once the video is uploaded, however, You Tube will show a list similar videos. We learned quickly that we were not the only people to be entranced by the organic system that is Vietnamese traffic. Hundreds of people have posted videos of Vietnam traffic and many better than ours. In fact, we spent a fun two hours looking at them.

It does make sense that Vietnamese traffic warrants a lot of videos. However, an old street musician in Brussels? He had five separate videos (at least) posted by tourists like us. Lace makers in Brugge, Belgium have dozens as does the Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia, splashing fish at the Hong Kong Market and a guy who sings at the Rarotonga Airport in the Cook Islands.

When we do post a video that is original it is pretty exciting. For example, we are the only people to post videos of singing Tanzanian and Ugandan nuns.

Some of our videos have become popular (relatively speaking, of course) and have earned us a fair number of views and comments. Most of this attention is thanks to some nice person posting our video on a discussion board or on their own websites. Our most visited videos are the lace making ones we took in Belgium (which are featured on a website for lace makers) and the videos we took of an Italian Bagpipe player and a Hurdy Gurdy player on an outing with our cousin Maria and her father in Italy. These videos turned out great and are very topic specific so they are posted on a lot of bagpipe and hurdy gurdy sites.

Our whole video collection is posted at

Our Most Popular Video (with 5,553 views so far) is this one of a lady making lace in Brugges, Belgium



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